Sunday, January 29, 2012

Elf on A Shelf Ideas

This past Christmas it was brought to my attention that our Elf "Jolly" was hiding in the same places that his did the year before. I realized this was the third year with Jolly coming to our house during December..Since I could not let him continue the hang out in the same places, I had a talk with Jolly and helped him think of some fun ideas (props to other bloggers of the elf on the shelf). Here are pictures of some of the places we found Jolly!

Roasting Marshmallows over a candle.  My son thought this was so funny. I took a toothpick and some spare small marshmallows. Place one on the end of the toothpick stick the other end in his hands. Sit him close to a tealight (electronic) candle. Don't forget to turn on the candle!
 Looks like someone likes chocolate kisses! Melt one of the kisses to smear over his face. Open some others and place the rest all around. I used a candy cane full of kisses and left the open container out. 

Jolly Elf helped hang lights around some plants. Looks like he wasn't finished come morning.

My son woke up one morning to find Jolly Elf was playing with his Lincoln Logs. I guess he wanted to play with toys too!
Hiding in the coffee mug. I think he might have been waiting for some hot chocolate.
Making cookies!! Jolly made some great cookies while my son was at school that day. He came home to find the cookies were finished!
Jolly was found one morning stuck in a stocking...I think he was trying to get the candy cane full of candy!
We found Jolly one morning hanging in the pots and pans. I think that he was wanting breakfast...
One night Jolly brought us a fish! As you can see, he decided to go fishing that same night. We ended up naming the fish "Lightning".
Countdown till Christmas!
Hanging out in the tree hanging an ornament.
Sitting with a snowman, hoping it would snow.

 Jolly went missing one day. He was captured by someone without any Christmas Spirit! Poor Jolly was gone...we didn't know what to do. He was held captured by evil fighters.
Luckily he wasn't gone long and found hanging at the top of the Christmas tree safe and sound during our Christmas Craft Party!

Jolly was touched by accident so Dominic decided to write him a letter and send it to the North Pole and let Jolly know that he was sorry.  Jolly returned the next morning. He was found tucked in the centerpiece reading Dominic's letter.  

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